Digital humanities lunch albo: jak ugryźć humanistykę cyfrową

Continuing the medieval tradition of eating while listening to a learned person reading and interpreting learned texts, we are inviting all those interested in the humanitates digitales to join us for lunch on Fridays at IJP PAN for the following talks.

when and where:

Fridays 1pm, in the conference room of IJP PAN, al. Mickiewicza 31 in Kraków or online:

In the pandemic the discussion part of the meetings will take part through zoom, the links to specific meetings will be posted about a week in advance on their pages.


meetings in 2022/2023:


25.11.2022 Jose Losada Palenzuela (Wrocław University): Quantitative Text Reuse Detection in 17th C. Spanish Drama

2.12.2022 Anna Zielińska (IS PAS), Anna Zielińska (IS PAN), Anna Jorroch (UW), Felicja Księżyk (UO), Irena Prawdzic (IS PAS), Michał Woźniak (IJP PAS): The LangGener Polish-German corpus of speech by bilinguals – selected phenomena of language contact and sociolinguistic aspects.


Information about the following meetings will be posted soon.


Department of Methodology IJP PAN

Rafał Górski, Maciej Eder, Joanna Byszuk, Albert Leśniak, Artjoms Šela, Laura Hernández-Lorenzo, Bartłomiej Kunda

in cooperation with Towarzystwo Miłośników Języka Polskiego

The general visual identification of DH Lunch series was created by Maciej Eder, the promotional graphics for 2021/2022 (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube cover arts) were created by Antonina Martynenko. Thank you!