11th February 2022

A quick tour around the CLS INFRA project for computational literary studies

Maciej Eder (IJP PAN)

This special DH lunch will introduce a Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure (CLS Infra) project – a multinational European collaboration to connect people, data, tools, and methods, focused on large-scale analysis of literary sources.

The landscape of literary data is diverse and fragmented. Despite the availability of numerous digital libraries, archives, repositories, websites or catalogues, the lack of standardisation of how they are constructed and accessed hinders the extent to which they are reusable. The CLS INFRA project aims to federate these resources, with the tools needed to interrogate them, and with a widened base of users. Rather than building entirely new resources for literary studies, the project is strongly committed to exploiting and connecting the already-existing efforts and initiatives, in order to acknowledge and utilize the immense human labour that has already been undertaken. Therefore, the project builds on recently-compiled high-quality literary corpora, integrates existing tools for text analysis, and takes advantage of deep integration with two other infrastructural projects, namely the CLARIN and DARIAH ERICs.

Consequently, the project aims at building a coherent ecosystem to foster the technical and intellectual findability and accessibility of relevant data. In this talk, we will present the project focusing on helping interested scholars understand its aims, and providing information about specific working projects that will be addressed within the initiative, drawing spaces of possible collaborations and engagements.


The meeting will take place live at Zoom at 1 pm. To participate please fill in the survey: https://forms.gle/4K1MJ7V9JW8MDKmq7 – the link to the meeting will be sent sent to the email address passed in the form.

This meeting will be recorded.