Piotr ┼╗migrodzki (IPL PAS)

Some technical aspects of the work on The Great Dictionary of the Polish Language

The Great Dictionary of the Polish Language PAN is being developed since 2008 at the Institute of Polish Language of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with the participation of linguists and lexicographers from other centers. Creating it required the team to solve (or, in fact, continue solving arising new problems) of various nature, both purely linguistic ones, related to choosing methods of describing linguistic facts in the dictionary entries, and technical ones to allow creating and maintaining the dictionary in the electronic form. This lecture will be dedicated to reviewing issues of the latter kind, which play an extremely important part in modern electronic lexicography. They include: technical structure of the dictionary, designing dictionary and constructing a dictionary writing system for the GDPL, organization and hierarchy of the team of contractors, the so-called workflow in the dictionary, methods of verifying and counting the entries developed by editors, and selected tools for automatic dictionary control. Also mentioned will be more important information about the history of the project and its earlier stages.

The recording of the lecture can be viewed below or on our YouTube channel.