25th November 2022

Quantitative Text Reuse Detection in 17th C. Spanish Drama

Jose Losada Palenzuela (Wrocław University)

The specificity of the socio-cultural context of 17th Century Spanish theater favored the practice of textual reuse. Authors made use of already written or performed plays, constructing a mixed intertextual practice based on recasting, reworking, adapting and reusing (among other definitions). The study of parallel passages still remains an important element of textual criticism for establishing textual relations (closely linked, for example, with stylometry).

We will present an ongoing project that tests quantitative approaches to automatically detect text reuse. Different tools or sets of algorithms are available, such as Tracer, textreuse R, passim, even some classical information retrieval methods such as TF-IDF. We will discuss some of the first results on verbatim or near-verbatim text reuse, putting in context some of the problems related to feature selection and performance evaluation.

The meeting takes a hybrid form, with participation possible in the room in IJP PAN as well as via Zoom.

To participate in the meeting virtually please fill in the form: https://forms.gle/4K1MJ7V9JW8MDKmq7

The meeting will be recorded and later made available on our YouTube channel.