26th February 2021

Sinai Rusinek (University of Haifa)

The Emic, the Etic and the Analytic: Classifying the 19th-century newspaper

How did 19th-century editors organize and serve the texts in their newspapers? How do we categorize these texts today, and what would computational analysis reveal about these divisions?
Classification rose as a requirement and a challenge in a workflow of creating a historical Hebrew newspaper research corpus. In order to address these challenges, I made use of three complementing text analytical approaches: stylometry, topic modelling and keyword analysis.  In my talk, I will share the workflow and some preliminary results, and discuss the questions that arise and tensions that are revealed between historical and contemporary systems of classification.


The meeting will take place live at Zoom at 1 pm CET. To participate please fill in the survey: https://forms.gle/4K1MJ7V9JW8MDKmq7 – the link to the meeting will be sent sent to the email address passed in the form.

The first part of the meeting (the lecture) will be recorded to be later uploaded to our YouTube channel. While we will only be recording the slides and speaker’s audio, we kindly ask that those of you who do not want to risk accidental sharing of your personal image turn off the cameras and turn them back on in the second part of the meeting, a discussion, which will not be recorded.