29th October 2021

Authorship Detection and Gender Identification in ‘fake’ proclamations using Stylometry. The case of the ‘orphan’ proclamations of the Greek Revolutionary Organization 17N.

Andriana Maria Korasidi, George Mikros (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Revolutionary Organization 17 November was a Greek far-left militant organization formed in 1975 and conducted terrorist attacks in Greece for 27 years (1975-2002). In their 84 proclamations they claimed responsibility for their actions by providing simultaneously their political ideas and theoretical guiding. After their arrest in 2002, one of the members denied the authenticity of 8 proclamations, 6 of which he tagged as a “secret services’ project”. These proclamations cultivated a climate of division in the organization and are considered to be fake by main team members who recognized an effort by their authors to imitate their style, even if the prosecution authorities characterized them as genuine. Furthermore, the contribution of women to 17N is largely obscured, as many members remained anonymous. In this research we aim to apply advanced computational stylistic methods to the corpus of 17N proclamations and explore whether the “fake” ones differentiate significantly from the rest and then attempt to develop a robust methodology for identifying the gender of their author.


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